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FORS Professional Safe Driving Course

Protea Training are now delivering the brand new FORS Work-Related Road Risk Course, FORS Professional Safe Driving. The course includes a 3.5-hour practical on-cycle session and a 3.5-hour theory session giving you 7hrs towards your DCPC. The new course is a combination of Van Smart and Safe Urban Driving, making the course applicable to drivers of all vehicle types. The course highlights a driver's regulatory responsibilities, the importance of safe driving practices on motorways, rural and urban roads, and other hot topics that can negatively impact safe driving such as driver fitness, health, distraction, and impairment. The course includes a practical on-cycle session and a theory module. Both modules (i.e. the theory and on-cycle session) are 35 hours each., counting towards 7 hours of Driver CPC. FORS Professional Safe Driving Course meets the FORS Silver training requirements 'S5 Work-related road risk (WRRR)

FORS Approved Safer Greener Driving

This 3.5-hour FORS Approved Environmental Awareness module meets FORS Gold G5 and FORS Silver S5 Environmental Training Requirements. By the end of the course all attendees shall be aware of: 1. Strategies to reduce fuel use, and emissions and improve air quality 2. How good journey planning, vehicle checks, and maintenance can reduce emissions 3. How to apply fuel-efficient driving techniques designed to improve efficiency You can Combine this with our FORS Approved Counter Terrorism and the Prevention of Theft 3.5-hour module giving you 7hrs of approved DCPC Training. 4. The value of vehicle design and technology 5. How in-vehicle technology improves driving performance 6. Alternative cleaner fuels that are available for commercial vehicles

FORS Approved Counter Terrorism and the Prevention of Theft

This 3.5-module is FORS Approved. This course equips drivers with the skills and practical knowledge that they need to protect their personal safety and that of the general public. The course will outline what measures the HGV driver can potentially assist the Police and security services. Drivers will be reminded of the importance of the driver walk round check and taught not only to identify and report defects; but also to raise awareness of drivers by incorporating basic search techniques and enhancing their awareness of personal safety and security. Drivers will be taught how to correctly take action therefore enabling them to be able to record and report defects, and suspicious items to reflect the dangers that are present in today’s society. This module can be combined with FORS Approved Safer Greener Driving 3.5-hour module giving you 7 hours approved DCPC Training

FORS Approved Operator :Licence ,Awareness and Compliance Course

This training course is FORS-approved and. counts towards your CPD (M3 Annex 2). The course has been designed to ensure that transport managers and those responsible for running fleet operations understand their legal responsibilities. These responsibilities include operator licensing compliance, vehicle checks, defect reporting, driver hours rules, tachographs, driver licensing, load security, and weights. This course is ideal for those who aim to work towards earned recognition, as it explains the relationship between the drivers, traffic commissioner, and operator undertakings. The course is accredited by DVSA for 7 hours of DCPC training. accredited by DVSA for 7 hours of DCPC training.
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